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Land and resource departments at all levels nationwide should share with the courts information on people who do not comply with verdicts while dealing with their real estate, an official notice said Saturday.

The Supreme People’s Court, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Land and Resources jointly issued the notice, aiming to punish defaulters by adding restrictions to their real estate transactions.

According to the notice, the land and resource authorities are ordered to inform courts when they transfer, mortgage or change the real estate of defaulters, helping the people’s courts to take measures to urge them to implement rulings.

Meanwhile, defaulters are not allowed to participate in judicial auctions of real estate, and cannot obtain land supplied by governments, it said.

All the restrictions also target actual controllers, legal representatives and people responsible for defaulting companies, it added.

In addition, the top court said the authorities will further improve the real estate information sharing platform to ensure work efficiency at the same time, according to a statement from the judicial chamber.

So far, 45 cities -- including Beijing, Qingdao, Chongqing and Kunming -- have joined the platform, it said, adding that last year Chinese courts found 268,000 homes of defaulters in this way.

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